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We understand how important it is to encourage children to develop their intellectual, emotional and physical skills to build character and confidence for their future. We provide a safe environment for all children in our wraparound service and sessional care. With Wee Chicks / Wee Chicks Fitness, your children will be able to learn and play while building vital communication skills in a fun-filled atmosphere. Learning the importance of being active and providing them with life skills on being able to maintain a healthy life style. It is of the utmost importance for your child’s ongoing development to be constantly learning, and there is no better place than Wee Chicks / Wee Chicks Fitness. We pride ourselves on catering to the individual child’s needs, listening to the child, working in small groups for focused attention and offering one-to-one care when it is needed. We are passionate about fitness nutrition and well-being and providing our future with these vital life skills.


We are different to other wrap around child care providers as we promote the fitness, health and wellbeing providing our children and parents with basic life skills and building on knowledge to enable them to make healthy choices now and in their future about nutrition fitness and wellbeing. Our children are the future and they matter most. We provide knowledge where families can make small changes to help them be a happier healthy family.

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_Overall, 27% of children here are now classified as being overweight — with 8% of them reaching obese levels.


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All wraparound care facilities are fully registered and regulated by the local Health and Social Care Trust. Parents can make savings through childcare vouchers, tax credit assistance, and student childcare assistance, amongst others.

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Would you like this in your area?

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