Do you have a demand for childcare among your staff or are you a business that can see an opportunity to get more custom by providing a creche service.  Do you need to run a course and need childcare? If so Wee Chicks can help by providing the qualified and caring staff to be able to look after children whilst your clients enjoy the services you provide. Why not contact us to discuss the matter further or to receive more information. Minimum 2 hour sessions with two staff.  We can do a maximum of six sessions.


In 2006, 18% of children aged 2–15 years were reported to be obese. Provisional data in 2008–09 showed that 22% of children entering Year 1 were already overweight (17%) or obese (5%).


Wraparound care facilities are fully registered and regulated by the local Health and Social Care Trust. Parents can make savings through childcare vouchers, tax credit assistance, and student childcare assistance, amongst others.

Mentoring programme for the unemployed.
Would you like to volunteer or be part of our mentoring programme? Then please contact us.