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Wee Chicks has been born through the passion that founder Kelly Molloy has with children, fitness & wellbeing. The company have been formed to help everyone in our communities get active, healthier and in turn will become happier.  The programs have been developed by Kelly and her close team, whom are all as passionate about helping children and adults get a better quality of life where possible.

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Wee Chicks offers an innovative childcare service focusing not just on regular childcare in schools, holiday camps we also provide one off child care for children for events or courses.
At Wee Chicks, we believe that every child deserves the best in every aspect of care. We provide a safe, caring and fun environment where children can enjoy their childhood and also gain life skills to enable them to grow and become healthier and more active. We strive to create a homely, caring, happy environment where your child will be cared for by dedicated staff.
We consider it our mission to enhance the quality of human life through physical fitness and by providing life skills and educating in health and nutrition, most importantly giving people hope and focus. This is available to all members of the community. That we listen and give the individuals the motivation and encouragement to gain confidence and self-esteem so that they can continue their life journey knowing there is help if they need it.
We are passionate about service and excellence. Life’s for living not stressing or worrying.

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Doctors in Ireland warn of fresh child health fears as reports of illness linked to obesity and mental health grow July 2014

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8 months ago

Visit our website for more details www.weechicks.com under holiday camp section limited spaces available

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We provide a safe caring
environment for children
to grow and be individuals

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Promoting fitness by going back to basics and showing the children & adults how it can be so much fun

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Showing parents that fitness through family fun can be inexpensive and simple by providing them information on this via email, social media, newsletters and talks

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Being aware of well-being by being open and honest with the children about their feelings and providing the children life skills to enable them to maintain good mental health

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Helping parents by providing information on local service that they can use and provide parental advice on parenting issues

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Provide parents with information on fun activities such as healthy baking and cooking, group discussions, tasting new foods by using social media to help give the parents more information

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Wee Chicks pride ourselves on listening to our children as all of them have a voice and will be involved in programs

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We are a healthy eating

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Happier children, happier family life, happier parents, better behaviour in school and at home.

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At Wee Chicks the health and safety of everyone in our care is of paramount importance to us as we strive to create an environment where everyone can learn, and have fun in safety.

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Would you like this in your area?

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