Wee & Wise

Wee & Wise is a collaborative project with CLARE CIC (CLAIRE is a community led voluntary organisation, working within North Belfast. They enable vulnerable elderly people to maintain their independence and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness). Therefore, Wee & Wise presents the opportunity to bring generations together; from our after school club and isolated elderly people in the community in order to create friendships, learning and understanding from both generations, to share stories and experiences, to engage in fun activities as well as mindfulness activities with the overall aim of creating a healthy, happy environment for all to benefit from and of course, give isolated elderly people a change to engage with children and help overcome loneliness.


Empowerment Project

Wee Chicks Empowerment Programme is designed primarily, for teachers, parents and the children. The overall objective of this programme is to allow children to become more aware of their own mental health; to identify and talk about their emotions and to give them the tools and strategies in order for them to build stronger minds, for a healthier future.

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